Seamless drum enclosures

Matt’s Heavy Metal, LLC has recently started building seamless drum enclosures.  We were commissioned to build a seamless drum enclosure for my personal church and after seeing what I could save them I decided to try and save other churches and private businesses some money too!

Drum Enclosure from Front
This is the first drum enclosure front view. The door is open on the back left side when being viewed from the front. I can relocate the door to be rear right or in the rear. I build these custom upon order specifications so I can do pretty much anything you want.










XLR panel
Vent fan under the drum enclosure.
XLR panel
Variable speed controller easily accessible by the drummer.
XLR panel
XLR panel with power and network cable quick disconnects.

customizing your drum enclosure

Some of the customization options:

  • Ventilation- Variable speed ventilation pulls hot air out of drum enclosure with vents in the ceiling allowing outside air into the drum enclosure.
  • Wiring panel to allow disconnecting cables for easy relocation of drum enclosure- Worried about needing to relocate the drum enclosure for Christmas productions or other special occasions.  No worry, with this panel all XLR mic cables can be disconnected from the back of the drum enclosure to allow moving it very easy.  Also included in the panel is a quick connect for power.  A power strip is wired in, inside the drum enclosure and one underneath the drum enclosure with this add on.
  • Closed base-With this option you can have a more traditional look and hide many of the cables under the drum enclosure.